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Dedication and Determination

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the Valders Fire Department. 

This is a decision that should not be taken lightly and should be discussed with your family. Being a volunteer firefighter requires much of your time for training and responding to calls. However, there is nothing you can do with your time that will be more rewarding than helping those when they are in need. 

Becoming a member will require a serious commitment, determination, and dedication, as this is a very important service that we provide in a professional manor.

The Application Process

We are always accepting applications for volunteer firefighters and we are very dependent on these members to ensure that we are able to meet our mission of protecting the community. On this page you will find our membership requirements, benefits, and application.

Minimum requirements to become a Valders Firefighter

  • 18 years of age
  • Valid Wisconsin driver’s license
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Live within the geographical boundaries surrounding the Village and Towns of Cato and Liberty or approval by Fire Chief
  • Successful completion of Department provided Entry Level Firefighter and Certified Firefighter I courses within 18 months

Hiring Process

  • Complete and submit an application
  • Interview
  • Pass a background check
  • Class Requirements
  • Entry Level Firefighter: 60 hours, a prerequisite for Firefighter I
  • Certified Firefighter I: 36 hours
  • Haz-Mat Operations: 24 hours, required before Firefighter I State Certified Testing
  • All classes meet one night a week and an occasional Saturday. Classes are provided through the local technical college.
  • Other more advanced classes are available and we encourage our members to take advantage of educational opportunities but the above are the minimum required classes.
  • Attendance Requirements
  • Attendance to Training: Firefighters must attend 60% of training, we are willing to work with you to maintain your attendance due to work schedules. Training is held on the third Monday of each month starting at 6 pm. The first Monday of each month is designated for Truck Checks and Officers Meeting.

What We Provide

  • Protective Equipment
  • Classes/Seminars/Trainings
  • Challenges
  • Excitement
  • Opportunities
  • Teamwork
  • Experience


With the certifications, training, and experience that you can gain as a Paid-On-Call Firefighter it is possible to turn all of that into a full-time career with a career fire department.

Certified and Moving Here?


If you are currently a Certified Firefighter from another State and you have relocated to the Valders area and are interested in joining our Department please contact the Fire Chief for information on obtaining Wisconsin Certifications.

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